Assessing Pre-Service Teachers’ Perception on 21st century Skills in Indonesia


  • M. HAVIZ
  • Ika Metiza MARIS
  • Ahmad FUDHOLI


Pre-service teacher, 21st century skill, thinking acting and living, mathematic, biology, physic, chemistry


This study was to asses pre-service teachers' perception of thinking, acting and living (TAL) from 21st century skills. The participants who have filled out this questionnaire were 321 pre-service teachers, consisting of 38 men and 283 women from a population of 403 pre-service teachers of mathematics, biology, physics and chemistry. The goodness level the research participants was in the range of 3.70 - 5.40%. The questionnaire consisted of aspects of thinking, acting and living (TAL) of the 21st century skill, and it included 16 indicators and 78 statements. The quality of the instrument was achieved use confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and alpha Cronbach tests. This study used the multiple comparisons with Tukey HSD and LSD test for factor of the 21st century skills. The result shows that the quality of instrument was valid and reliable. The TAL profile of the pre-service teachers was at the level of able tier, there is a different score of TAL for pre-service teachers, and there is a effect of gender and department for TAL. The other findings indicate that the level of TAL for pre-service teacher in mathematic is related to physics, and biology is related to chemistry. Finally, this study confirms the use of appropriate learning methods to bring 21st century skills to pre-service teachers in mathematic, biology, physic and chemistry.


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