Thematic Analysis of Conducted Studies Regarding Preschool Science Education in Turkey


  • Ümmühan ORMANCI Bursa, Turkey
  • Salih ÇEPNİ Bursa Uludag University, Bursa, TURKEY


Preschool, science education, environmental education, thematic analysis


In this study, it is aimed to investigate the conducted researches in Turkey in the field of preschool science education in a comprehensive manner between the years 2016-2019. In this study, thematic content analysis method was used and the journals were examined which were indexed by DergiPark databases and published in social and human sciences. While the surveys were conducted, the conducted studies in 2016 and beyond were scanned and 88 articles were subjected to thematic content analysis. The articles in the study were analyzed through the thematic analysis matrix. The obtained data were analyzed by using descriptive and content analysis method. According to the findings of the study, pre-school science education started to gain importance and there was a significant increase in the conducted studies in each year. In the study; The most common aims were to determine the ideas/information related to science concepts and to examine the effects of science activities in the classroom in the analyzed articles. In this context, it is thought that in-depth studies on preschool science education will be important for the literature.


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