The Use of Portfolio to Assess Student’s Performance


  • Osman BİRGİN Fırat University, Education Faculty, Dept.of Primary Education, Elazığ
  • Adnan BAKİ Karadeniz Technical University, Fatih Education of Faculty, Sec. Dept.of Math. Edu., Trabzon


Alternative Assessment, Performance Assessment, Portfolio Assessment Methods


Recent educational developments such as constructivism and multiple intelligence theories as well as society requested new trends engendered to radical change in traditional approaches of
instruction and assessment. For this reason, alternative assessment approaches are needed in assessing both learning process and learning product. Nowadays, one of the alternative assessment
techniques used in various disciplines such as mathematics, science and social sciences so forth is portfolio. The purpose of this study was to introduce portfolio assessment method which is used
commonly in educational contexts recently. To achieve this aim, some information of portfolio such as its definition, its developing process, selection of contexts, its advantage and disadvantage were
presented. Also, portfolio assessment method is compared with traditional one in terms of different aspects. Further, to exploit portfolio assessment method effectively some suggestions were made.


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BİRGİN, O. ., & BAKİ, A. . (2007). The Use of Portfolio to Assess Student’s Performance. Journal of Turkish Science Education, 4(2), 75–90. Retrieved from



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