Preparing Prospective Teachers in Integrating Science and Local Wisdom through Practicing Open Inquiry


  • Parmin
  • Sajidan
  • Ashadi
  • Sutikno
  • Yoris MARETTA


Prospective Teacher, Local Wisdom, Open Inquiry


This research aims to determine the ability of prospective teachers in integrating science and local wisdom measured by their ability of preparing teaching materials and learning outcomes. This study used one group pre test-post test design and the participants were 36 prospective science teachers who joined ethno science course. The open inquiry model required prospective science teachers to design and conduct investigations of local wisdom independently. Normality test results indicated that participants were normally distributed. Assessment of the teaching material prepared by participants received average score of 3.6 out of maximum score of 4, so it can be said that the teaching material was in good criteria. The result of t test of pre test and post test indicated that there was difference of pre test and post test result or it can be said that post test result was better than pre test. The research findings consisting of the assessment of teaching materials quality and post test result showed that the preparation of prospective science teacher in integrating science and local knowledge was effective after implementing the open inquiry.


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