Publication Trends in Biology Education: A Bibliometric Review of 63 Years

Research Article


  • Khairul Hafezad Abdullah Universiti Utara Malaysia


Biology education, bibliometrics, publication trends, VOSviewer


Biology is a vital and relevant branch of science that has a significant impact on daily life and the overall development of societies. Many advances in biology education have transformed much pedagogy, particularly learning in the more substantial part of higher
education contexts. Thus, bibliometrics can be used to depict and analyze publication trends in updating scientific datasets and knowledge in this field. This bibliometric review scrutinized the progress, trends, and updates in the Scopus database for biology
education publications. The total number of publications, citations, and publication patterns over 63 years are among the bibliometric parameters examined in this review. The obtained publication lists were analyzed using VOSviewer software, which displayed the bibliographic data graphically. The current study portrayed that the number of publications on biology education has increased in recent years. This inclination is probable to continue, as evidenced by the current peak of publications trajectories. The examining publications and research areas reveal that efforts to improve biology education cover miscellaneous topics and disciplines. Researchers and educators in biology education may benefit from this bibliometric review because it provides information, concepts, thoughts, and intuitions that can be used to strengthen their theories and practices.


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