Game-Based STEM Module Development for KSSM Science Teachers


  • Mohd Jamel Farihah
  • Ali Mohd Norawi
  • Ahmad Nur Jahan


Game-Based STEM module, KSSM, needs analysis, science teachers


The study was conducted to identify the needs and specifications of a STEM Module based on a game approach in teaching science for lower secondary school students. In this study,
the needs analysis was carried out on purposively selected science teachers from different schools in the northern district of Kedah, Malaysia. The data was collected through semi-structured interviews based on the purposive sampling of 7 science teachers. The qualitative data obtained from the interview sessions with the teachers were analyzed into specific themes. Three major themes were identified, namely: (1). The requirement of
resources and teaching materials to motivate Science teaching (2) The suitability of game-based teaching approaches in teaching KSSM Science and (3) The characteristics of the
required modules. The analysis of the findings shows that the Game Based STEM module has a great potential to be developed for the use of science teachers in making active and
motivating science learning among secondary school students. Apart from the three main themes identified, suggestions and specifications derived from interviews with the
teachers would give us useful information for developing the contents for the module. The teachers need appropriate modules for because they lack effective and relevant resource
materials with the latest content in addition to lack of time to prepare them themselves due to the latest curriculum changes. The findings can be used for designing and developing
the module in a subsequent study.


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