Development and Validation of Online Survey Instrument on Sustainable Development for Science Teachers: Focus on Pili (Canarium ovatum)

Research Article



Online instrument, Online survey, Science Education, Sustainability, Sustainable development


Teachers are the frontline workers in sustaining quality education; hence, assessing their knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors (KAB) allows them and the administrators to create better training, programs, and instructional materials. The objective is to develop and validate a quick and accessible online instrument to assess the teachers’ KAB toward sustainable development in the Philippine context, as part of a bigger project to integrate Pili (Canarium ovatum) in education. The researchers administered the instrument using a cross-sectional survey method through Google Forms in which participants (n = 206) had voluntarily answered. The 24-item tool, anchored from the 2030 sustainable development goals and their complex systems, is reliable and valid based on the confirmatory factor analysis, and Cronbach’s alpha and Fleiss’s kappa estimates. The results show that having sufficient knowledge and attitudes is inadequate to create good behaviors. The use and adaptation of this instrument and further investigations are recommended.


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