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Haluk ÖZMEN' thesis summary
 Thesis Title : Developing And Implementing Guide Material For Chemistry Teachers For The Chemical Reaction Unit

 Orginal Language: Turkish
 Total Pages : 269
 Year : 2002
Career-Name-Surname : 

Thesis Submitted in;
 University : Blacksea Technical University
 Institute: Institute of Natural Sciences
 Program/Department : Chemistry Education/Dept. of Secondary Sci. and Math. Education

 Summary : 

Teachers need extra instructional materials because of the fact that textbooks used in planning and presenting lessons are insufficient. In this study, guide material concerning “Chemical Reaction Unit” in high school chemistry 2 curriculum was developed, implemented, and evaluated. The material takes into consideration students’ preconceptions and misconceptions. In the study, two tests were developed in order to determine students’ beginning levels and preconceptions and guide material was developed for "Chemical Reaction Unit". The tests and material were piloted in 2000-2001 academic year. In this process, 12 chemistry teachers at different high schools in Trabzon were interviewed and the material was reviewed in regard to their suggestions. To remediate the students’ misconceptions, activities were placed into material as much as possible. In the implementation process, two classes, experimental and control groups were selected. Material was implemented in 2001-2002 academic year. Before and after the implementation of the material, two tests were implemented to the both groups as pre and post-tests. The collected data were analyzed by using SPSS program and discussed in detail. In short, when the test results were compared with t test, at the pre-test there were no significant difference between two groups (p=0.05), but post-test results showed that there were a significant difference between the groups (p=0.001). In addition, the experimental group students were more successful than the control group students in remediation of the misconceptions. From the results, some suggestions were made to program developers, researchers and teacher educators.

 Keywords : Chemistry Education, Curriculum Development, Concept Teaching, Chemical Reactions, Guide Material

Author Information;

 Email :
 Contact Address : KTÜ, Fatih Eğitim Fakültesi, İlköğretim Bölümü, 61335 Söğütlü-Trabzon

Registration Date: 12.05.2007  Degree of Thesis: Doctoral  Reading Count: 2962 
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