The Effect of Chemo-Entrepreneurship Oriented Inquiry Module on Improving Students’ Creative Thinking Ability

Citra Ayu Dewi1 , Ratna Azizah Mashami2

12 Institut Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan (IKIP) Mataram, Jln. Pemuda No. 59A Mataram 83126, INDONESIA.
Citra Ayu Dewi1, email:, ORCID ID: 0000-0001-9381-9645
Ratna Azizah Mashami2, email:

Received: 08.12.2017 Revised: 15.11.2018 Accepted: 16.01.2019

The original language of article is English (v.16, n.2, June 2019, pp. 253-263, doi: 10.12973/tused.10279a)

Reference: Dewi, C A. & Mashami, R A. (2019). The Effect of Chemo-Entrepreneurship Oriented Inquiry Module on Improving Students’ Creative Thinking Ability. Journal of Turkish Science Education, 16(2), 253-263.


The ability of students’ creative thinking is not well developed by learning that only focuses on convergent thinking training without giving students problems to face. Therefore, students have
difficulty in developing creative thinking ability. Therefore, it is necessary for a learning program to improve student creative thinking ability. This study aims to improve students’ creative thinking ability through chemo-entrepreneurship oriented inquiry module (COIM). We used a quasi-experimental research method with a pre-experimental design that involved pretest and posttest of one group. This research was conducted in Chemistry Education Department FPMIPA IKIP Mataram in the fall semester of 2017-2018 academic year. The research subject was 20 students. The findings of the research showed that theCOIM is effective in the learning and teaching process with indicator of percentage given at the pre-test and post-test recapitulation report. The report showed that originality indicator increased from 42% to 60% and were categorized as quite creative. Similarly, fluency indicator increased from 51% to 75% and were categorized as creative, Flexibility indicator also increased from 46% to 65% and were categorized as creative. Lastly, elaboration indicator increased from 60% to 77% and were categorized as creative. This means that the COIM was effective in improving students’ creative thinking ability.

Keywords: COIM, creative thinking ability.