Moroccan University Students’ Conceptions of Neurotransmission

Ihsane KOUCHOU1 , Fatiha KADDARI2, Nezha BENNIS3, Abdelrhani ELACHQAR4, Driss MARJANE5 

Laboratory of Didactics, Pedagogical Innovation and Curricular, Faculty of Science, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, B.P. 1796, Fez-Atlas 30000, MOROCCO.

Received:07.12.2017 Revised: 29.12.2018 Accepted: 17.01.2019

The original language of article is English (v.16, n.2, June 2019, pp. 202-215, doi: 10.12973/tused.10275a)

Reference: Kouchou, I., Kaddari, F., Bennis, N., Elachqar, A. & Marjane, D. Moroccan University Students’ Conceptions of Neurotransmission. Journal of Turkish Science Education. 16(2), 202-215.


Neurotransmission represents a key concept in the history of biology. The objective of this study is to elicit Moroccan university students’ conceptions of neurotransmission and highlight potential difficulties and obstacles that may hinder its effective learning. A questionnaire was administered to 120 science students as a pre-test. After the neurotransmission course at Dhar El Mahraz Faculty of Science, the same questionnaire was re-administered. The results of the study appeared that the majority of the science students had deficiencies at integrating and assimilating the concept of neurotransmission and other related concepts.

Keywords: Conception, nervous message, neurotransmitter, neurotransmission, synapse.