Analyzing Students’ Misconceptions about Newton’s Laws through Four-Tier Newtonian Test (FTNT)

Ida KANIAWATI1, Nuzulira Janeusse FRATIWI2, Agus DANAWAN3, Iyon SUYANA4, Achmad SAMSUDIN5, Endi SUHENDI6 MC900432627[1]

6 Departemen Pendidikan Fisika, Fakultas Pendidikan Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia

Received: 12.03.2018                       Revised: 21.08.2018                         Accepted: 01.02.2019

The original language of article is English (v.16, n.1, March 2019, pp. 110-122, doi: 10.12973/tused.10269a)

Reference: Kaniawati, I., Fratiwi, N. J., Danawan, A., Suyana, I., Samsudin, A., & Suhendi, E. (2019). Analyzing students’ misconceptions about Newton’s laws through Four-Tier Newtonian Test (FTNT). Journal of Turkish Science Education, 16(1), 110-122.


This research aimed at analyzing student misconceptions about Newton’s Laws through Four-Tier Newtonian Test (FTNT). The research involved 30 students (15 boys and 15 girls, whose ages were middling of 16 years-old) at one of Senior High School in Bandung, Indonesia. The data were analyzed through mixed methods. Based on the quantitative analysis, the highest percentage of student misconceptions through four-tier test was 66% and through two-tier test was 100%. According to qualitative analysis, it was found student misconceptions about Newton’s Laws. From the research, it can be concluded that FTNT can be used in analyzing student misconceptions on Newton’s Laws concepts and more effective than using the two-tier test. Teachers or researchers can expand the concepts of Newton’s Laws that are used in designing diagnostic test and developed for other physics concepts.

Keywords: Misconceptions, Four-Tier Newtonian test (FTNT), Newton’s laws

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