Implementating Multiple Representation-Based Worksheet to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Abdurrahman ABDURRAHMAN1MC900432627[1], Cris Ayu SETYANINGSIH2 , Tri JALMO1

1 Senior Lecturer. University of Lampung, Bandar Lampung-INDONESIA, ORCID ID: 0000-0003-4289-6557
2 Leturer. STKIP MUHAMMADIYAH Pringsewu, Pringsewu-INDONESIA
3 Assoc. Prof. University of Lampung, Bandar Lampung-INDONESIA

Received: 15.04.2017                       Revised: 19.06.2018                         Accepted: 11.10.2018

The original language of article is English (v.16, n.1, March 2019, pp.138-155, doi: 10.12973/tused.10271a)

Reference: Abdurrahman, A., Setyaningsih, C.A., & Jalmo, T. (2019).  Implementating  multiple representation-based worksheet to develop critical thinking skills. Journal of Turkish Science Education, 16 (1), 138-155.


This study aimed to foster students' critical thinking skills through the use of multiple representation-based worksheet. Through a quasi-experimental research design (non-equivalent control group design), the sample of the study consisted of 74 students drawn from a junior high school in North Lampung. This sample was divided into two groups to assign the experimental and control groups. The experimental group was exposed to multiple representation-based worksheet, while the control group was instructed with conventional worksheet The results of independent samples t-test showed that the experimental group was effective in fostering critical thinking skills (N-Gain = 0,34 --medium category). Furthermore, the study found the following indicators: providing an elementary clarification (N-Gain = 0,51 --medium category), building basic support (N-Gain = 0,39 --medium category), inferring (N-Gain = 0,24 --low category), making advance clarification (N-Gain = 0,46 –medium category), and setting the strategies and tactics (N-Gain = 0,10 --low category).

Keywords: critical thinking skills, multiple representations, student worksheet.

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