Teachers’ Perception on Digital Teaching Material Development in Social Science Education

SARIYATUN1 MC900432627[1], Hermanu JOEBAGIO1 and Muhammad AKHYAR1

1Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia


Received: 20.06.2018                       Revised: 20.09.18                              Accepted: 15.12.2018

The original language of article is English (v.15, n. Special Issue, December 2018, pp.13-21, doi: 10.12973/tused.10252a)


A form of technology application in learning in the class is digital teaching material development. Social science teachers need to be prepared for mastering technical skills and have pedagogic ability in utilizing digital technology in learning. This study aimed to describe teachers’ perception on social science digital teaching material development. Qualitative approach was employed in this study. Case study was conducted in Surakarta City, Indonesia. Data was collected by interview and interview from to explore the respondents’ perspectives on the development of social science digital teaching material. The interviewees who agreed to participate in this study were 40 social science teachers at junior high school. The participants were selected with purposive sampling. The teachers were selected according to the criteria of educational background, gender, and experience of scientific activities. Data analysis was carried out using an interactive analysis. The findings of research showed that social science teachers in Surakarta had positive perception on digital teaching material development. The main constraint that the teachers had to encounter was related to time and access to technological equipment.

Keywords: digital teaching material, social science education, teachers’ perception

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