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Secondary School Students’ Levels Of Awareness About Renewable Energy Sources: A Mixed Study

Esra Çakırlar Altuntaş, Salih Levent Turan


Local Wisdom-Based Science Learning Model Through Reconstruction of Indigenous Science to Improve Students' Conservationist Character

Miranita Khusniati, Parmin, Sudarmin


Evaluation of Values, Beliefs and Norms of High School Students on the Conservation of Biodiversity

Ahmet Bilir, Serap Özbaş


The Effect Of Learning By Teaching On Pre-Service Science Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Chemistry

Safiye Aslan


Studies Conducted on Entrepreneurship in Science Education: Thematic Review of Research

İsa Deveci, Salih Çepni


STEM Education Related Aspects of Turkish Early Childhood Education Curriculum: A Document Analysis

Aysun Ata Aktürk, Hasibe Özlen Demircan, Ezgi Şenyurt, Mustafa Çetin


Chemical Literacy Profile Of Teacher Candidate Student On Integrated Food Chemistry Ethnosciences Course

Woro Sumarni ,  Sudarmin, Wiyanto, Supartono


Cognitive Tutoring: A Recent Leap in Science Education

Vasudeva Rao Aravind


Student Attitudes Towards Astronomy: A Bi-Country Questionnaire Result

M. Marušić, Z. Hadžibegović


Context-Based Chemistry Teaching Within the 4Ex2 Model: It’s Impacts on Metacognition, Multiple Intelligence and Achievement

Canan Altundağ (Koçak)


Outdoor Learning Model Through Fieldwork To Improve Physics Achievement

Mundilarto, Haorensa Enggar Pamulasari