Hello, From Journal of Turkish Science Education (TUSED),

. . . ...Recently, many educational research projects have been undertaken in Turkey and in parralel to these, many educational journals have been established. However, the majority of these journals are interested in general issues about different areas of education. We believe that now it is the time to establish a special journal about science education serving national and international readers. In this way, results of research projects implemented in Turkey could be made public for researchers and teachers in Turkey as weel as in abroad. We also think that international readers should reach the research results arised in Turkey. This will let them to cooperate with the Turkish researchers and to make more contribution to the development of Turkish science education. Therefore, we establised a journal named "Journal of Turkish Science Education (TUSED)" which will serve via on line. Many science eductors and researchers who work in different universities have already acceped to work with us either as refeers or members of editorial boards. However, we need more science eduators and reserarchers to work with us, especially from the international mileune. The main aims of TUSED are;

. . . ...- to collect science education research results in a voice.
. . . ...- to make contribution for studies done by the Turkish National Ministry of Education about science teaching and learning.
. . . ...- to share results of studies on science education with researchers and teachers.
. . . ... - to improve the quality of research projects implemented in Turkey.
. . . ....- to share the experiences of Turkish science educators and reserachers with international readers.
. . . ....
- to announce the issues and problems about science education in Turkey to those who are already doing their post graduate studies in Turkey and especially in abroad..
- to provide real research subjects and documents for those who supervise post graduate students at home and in abroad.

. . . ...In order to meet those aims, a special subject will be given priority for each issue of Journal of Turkish Science Education. However, authentic articles will also be accepted.

. . . ...We are waiting for your studies about other issues. Best Wishes...

December, 2003.........
Karadeniz Technical University
Fatih Faculty of Education
Department of Primary Science Education
Trabzon / TURKEY