Journal of Turkish Science Education (TUSED),

. . . ... Journal of Turkish Science Education (TUSED) is an international on-line, refereed science education journal that is published four issues in a year. Its target populations are science educators, science education students, teachers, and people and institutions who produce products and provide services for educational communities. Original scientific studies are published in the TUSED for the target population. TUSED is published both in Turkish and English between 2004-2013, but since August 2013 TUSED is accepted the articles that the language is English. The scope of TUSED is basically science (physics, chemistry, biology) education -including pre-service and in-service science teacher education, development and implementation of science curriculum, learning and teaching strategies in science education, measurement and assessment in science education and the use of Information and Communications Technologiesin in science education. Manuscripts covering theoretical narratives about science education and methodological discussions on research in science education are also taken into consideration to be published in TUSED..

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Uludaš University
Faculty of Education
Department of Primary Science Education
Bursa / TURKEY