Metacognitive Skills and Self-Regulated Learning in Pre-Service Teachers: Role of Metacognitive-Based Teaching Materials

Research Article

  • Utiya Azizah Chemistry Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences,State University of Surabaya, Surabaya 60231, Indonesia.
  • Harun Nasrudin Chemistry Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, State University of Surabaya, Surabaya 60231, East Java, Indonesia.
Keywords: metacognitive skills, self-regulated learning, learning materials


This study reports an empirical research of metacognitive skills and self-regulated learning of prospective chemistry teacher students through the implementation of Metacognitive-based teaching materials.This research involved 73 Pre-service teachers from Surabaya State University, Indonesia, who were studying solution material. The metacognitive skills of pre-service teacherPre-service teachers were tested with essay tests, in accordance with indicators of metacognitive skills. Questionnaires are used to measure student self-regulated learning. The data analysis technique was carried out with the use of qualitative and quantitative descriptive methods.This study obtained that: (1) the majority of pre-service teacher had metacognitive skills in the category of “high” and “very high” on all indicators of metacognitive skills, and (2) they also had self-regulated learning with high criteria and very high in learning chemistry on each indicator, including self-motivation,belief task analysis, self-control, self-observation, self-judgment, and self-reaction. The implementation of metacognitive-based teaching materials can improve the metacognitive skills and build self-regulated learning of Pre-service teachers.