A Different Perspective on Preschool STEM Education: Preschool STEM Education and Engineering for Preservice Teachers

Research Article

Keywords: STEM, engineering, preschool period, preservice teachers, STEM, engineering, preschool period, preservice teachers


The aim of this study was to determine preservice preschool teachers’ views of STEM education and engineering. The sample consisted of 30 preservice preschool teachers recruited using criterion sampling, which is a purposive sampling method. Phenomological design, which is a qualitative research method, was employed. Data were collected using a semi-structured interview form. Data were analyzed using inductive content analysis. Participants defined STEM education differently and thought that preschool STEM education could have contributions in numerous aspects. They also remarked that preschool STEM education related to civil and computer engineering skills made teachers more equipped. They made a mention of designs and projects during preschool STEM education and identified them with engineering, which they considered a suitable occupation for men and misassociated with working in construction sites and carrying sand. Results show that preschool undergraduate education should integrate STEM activities and that workshops and trainings should be held to overcome preservice preschool teachers’ misconceptions about engineering.